Case studies and white papers

Case studies and white papers

How secure is your facility?

Are intruders piggybacking in on your employees?

DSI can help you keep intruders out.

A recent independent security study conducted by Readex Research in conjunction with Security Management revealed some sobering facts. Of the more than 400 security stakeholders surveyed:

  • 48% said that their facilities were compromised during the last two years by tailgating
  • 54% were left at risk by doors propped open or simply left unlocked

Out of those surveyed Sixty-five percent said enhanced physical security could have prevented their most recent breach.

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Add touchless health safety to your
DSI optical turnstiles

Detect masks and body temperature. Recognize people
using fingerprint or facial ID

Stop threats you can and cannot see.

The optical turnstile at your building’s entrance does an excellent
job of identifying and blocking unauthorized persons that may
threaten your operations. But today, there are new threats that are
harder to identify– in fact, that are impossible to see. These pose
severe dangers to the health of your personnel, visitors, and anyone
they come into contact with. It is imperative that you block these
threats as well.

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Ensure only one entry for one person

Sound an alert when someone attempts tailgating, piggybacking or unauthorized entry into a secure area

A single approach to multiple threats

DSI Entry Sentry solutions are perfectly suited for areas requiring a higher level of security. These devices help ensure that only one individual enters through a secure doorway for each valid authorization.
The Entry Sentry alerts you to “tailgating,” when someone deceptively follows an authorized person into a secure area, and “piggybacking,” when an authorized person intentionally holds a door open for another.

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