Door Management

Designed to monitor door security and prevent forced intrusions, DSI door management products include alarms, pushbuttons, key switches, annunciators and accessories. A wide range of cost-effective, single-door security solutions are available and can be used as standalone devices or integrated into access control systems.

DSI door alarms provide essential security for a variety of applications. Designed to eliminate forced-door intrusions or door prop/door held security risks, various alarm models are available to address unique security needs. DSI has the right tools you need to secure critical doors, such as emergency exits, file vaults and secure stairwells.

For single-door solutions, DSI offers several options for pushbuttons and key switch controls. Pushbutton control devices are useful for applications including emergency exits, lock releases and exit-requests. Key switches provide access control for system override and alarm shunting.

In facilities with multiple security devices installed, DSI annunciators allow personnel to monitor a large complex from a single location. When alarms occur, annunciators provide visual and audible indication and are available in several models, ranging from the compact ES600 series to the full-featured ES750 rack control panels.

Essential accessories for DSI door management products help to support and enhance security capabilities and support customized installations. Accessory options include keys, power supplies, door contacts and more.